Video streaming indeed is one of the best tech developments ever

People only need to buy a stick, sign up for a plan to enjoy their favorite TV programs and live shows in high resolution. The bad news is that there are sometimes software errors. At, you can solve software issues affecting your device. Our expert team offers an array of options to resolve Roku installation or configuration problems. We are also ready to answer your queries and provide guidelines if you need them.

Activation link

Do you already have your streaming device but don’t know how to activate it? This is very common.

Getting an activation code to run is very simple at You will realize that is a very easy platform to use. Our team will send you a code that is going to be displayed on the screen of your TV. If you still don’t receive any code, we can resend it. Ask for the code via phone or email and we will give you a response. We generally send you the code in less than a minute.

Once you have the code in your hands, submit the code displayed on the TV in “Link code”. Your device will start running and you will gain access to the channels completely.

Create your account

You can also create an account at If you are still unclear of how to do it, follow the instructions to complete the registration. Not having an account to get the activation code is no longer an issue. We make it look at this process easy.

Internet connection

At first, we are going to ask you questions regarding your connectivity. We need you to have a good Internet connection, otherwise, you won’t get the link code. Remember that the link code will help you do a lot of things that improve video streaming experience. With the link code, you will be able to fix software errors, add channels, be updated with promotions and the like. Therefore, you must follow the guidelines correctly. Our site is designed for you to get the link code and sort out these issues.