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Please enter the link code displayed on your TV

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Please enter the Roku activation link code displayed on your TV

How To Activate Roku Using Roku Link Code Activation & Roku Activation Link

The process to Roku com link activate is very simple. Every person can do it by following the steps explained below.

  1. Open any web browser either on your computer or a laptop and copy-paste on the URL.
  2. After the Roku web page loads, you will see a Roku com link enter code tab. Put in the Roku link activation code you got after paying the Roku activation fee. You will need a Roku account to activate your device. If you already have one, then sign in.
  3. For new users, there is a tab that allows you to create a new one. Click on the button that says “create a new account”. Enter the first and last name in the given fields. Then put in your email address. Create a password for your new Roku account and then verify it.
  4. After signing in you will need to create a PIN to purchase the Roku private channel codes link for different channels.
  5. A user can choose from varied payments methods.
  6. To purchase a particular channel from the Roku Store, give your credit or debit card details.
  7. The channel will be added to your device after the transaction is completed.
  8. You can begin watching your favorite channel after the player refreshes.
Whenever you feel troubled while handling any of your Roku models, then make a call to Roku Customer Support & get answers to all your queries in no time.